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Vienetta Leviosa

Sunday, 12 February 2012 | 6:00 am | 0 comments

So hard to make our own decision . Seriously , i'm in a confuse mood --' It's so difficult when everytime we have to take more care of others feeling rather our own feeling . Its maybe that i just love them more than myself , or I'm just afraid of losing them if didn't do so . I'm thinking , What am i supposed to do now ? Should I just go on myself being like this , or should i stop Faking my feeling  n try to do my own way ? Haih , so long being like this doesn't make me feel used to it , but just sometime make me fell for the worst everytime did it . Friends come and go sometime when we didn't follow their flow . Well babes , whoever have been my friend don't have to worry  , because seriously i'm friendly as usual :) But , you guys the one who always walk-off my life when found a new one . Nvm , there's always a path to be follow by my friends n me ;)

Deeply in need of a true friend n trying to stop faking myself . 

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