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Vienetta Leviosa

He is Mine XD
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 | 10:56 pm | 0 comments

I just don't know . Everything about him was so perfect . Just miss the moment with him everytime I'm apart from him  . I'm really hoping that our relationship now will last forever. But , sometime there just a couple of looser who just can't see us being happy . Well , i just can feel the jealousy from right now .  WTE it is , i know him . And , i just can trust him the way he is . BUT , I just can't trust those girl right now . They're flirting with him for what ? There's are million more guy out there who is single . Go to them oryte . 
Don't disturb what's mine XD Radhi Othman is Mea Leviosa's own !
Jyeahh , Iloveyou my sexyboii Radhi Othman XD

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