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Vienetta Leviosa

Happiness came back XD In love ,
Friday, 13 January 2012 | 9:14 am | 0 comments

Let say that I am more happy now . I got a new guy to loved n to be loved in my life :) We accidentally fall in love with each other . Aha , how we fell in love -,-' Still wondering around the moment  . But , wtve it is , i am so deeply in love with him at the moment . He make me feel very special  XD We just can't get apart . Even 24/7 is not enough for both of us to spent together *over . Seriously , he make me feel complete XD Apart from him , make me worried if he is not thinking of me :) Hope this relationship will be forever :)

Bie , i just loveyousofreakingdamnmuch ! We'll never let go XD

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