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Vienetta Leviosa

The happier I am in 2012 :)
Saturday, 14 January 2012 | 6:17 am | 0 comments
Question marks ? Why am i happy now ?  
There's so many reason . The main themes is LOVE . Jyeahhh , 
Hello , I am so happy that ever now . My friendship being so good n better from time to time since that incident happen to one of our friend . Yeah , now i know the meaning of true friend . It makes my tears fall when i think about it . Thanks all my babes . Really LOVE you all . Really wanna be among you all within our friendship that may last forever . Hoping *.*
Furthermore , my LOVE relationship also make me happy now :) Aha , there's not so much story bout him but , Thanks to him because appear in my life . He just make me feel filled . Iloveyou , sexyboii XD

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