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Vienetta Leviosa

7 Lovely Logic
Saturday, 24 March 2012 | 11:27 pm | 0 comments

1) Make Peace with your Past 
so it doesn't spoil your Present 
2) What others think of you is
None Of you Business
3) Time heals almost everything 
Give the time , Some time
4) No one is the Reason of your Happiness
Except for YOURSELF
5) Don't compare yourself with others
you have No idea what their journey is all about
6) Stop thinking too much
It's alright not to know all the Answers
7) SMILE , you don't own
all the problems in the world .

A Girl Of Me XD
| 4:41 am | 0 comments

Before , i was an Easy-Going and Happy Go Lucky Girl all the time . 
Do anything i like and ignore people perceptions . And also having kinda normal life XD
And absolutely single wihtout judgement .  
Now , I'm being kinda Control-type Girl .
I have to watch out with the surrounding . 
Everything i do need to be consider by anyone else , at least my parents . 
Furthermore , i already have Boyfriend that i'm in love :)
Okayfine , I am 17 and that's why I'm like this . 

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